Sunday, December 12, 2004

Settling in

I've managed to survive a lot of change recently and I'm trying to settle in to my new house. It is weird to move to a town of under 800 people and a conservative state from the SF Bay Area. Quite a culture shock. And, since it is winter, I have to adjust to the cold, snow, and ice. No more balmy winters for me!

I find myself very unmotivated to unpack and clean. I have never moved into a place that needed so much cleaning before. This is a college area and the standards for rentals are much lower than apartments in the bay area. My mom cleaned my kitchen for me and relined all the shelves when I moved in but I still have to clean the bedrooms and the living room. Ugh. But this house is charming and big and has a fenced yard. All you dog lovers know what a bonus a yard is for a rental.

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