Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What's that rumbling?

I'm sitting here in my living room, playing around on the computer while watching a dvd (Whale Rider) and I keep hearing this rattling and rumbling sound. I finally realize it's my hamster upstairs running on her wheel. I can't get used to the old registers in this house - they are the kind that go through the floor / ceiling, so the living room can hear the guest room and vice versa. And my bedroom is connected to my kitchen by the second register.

Since this house was built in 1890 it has some quirks. The floors are not level. The previous sentence is an understatement. And the floors are uneven, so you go downhill to the dining room, slightly uphill towards the kitchen, trip on the sill going into the kitchen, and if you head on straight to the back door, you are still going uphill. If, however, you turn left and go to the fridge for some late night refreshment, you are pointed downward yet again.

The kitchen was updated in the 40's. It's got 2 different china cabinet type things that were sawn in half and mounted as base and upper cupboards. At least they have a lot of character. The sink is a neat 40's design with extra wide double bowls. Like having 4 normal sized sinks. And it is part of a larger metal cabinet with built in stuff. At some point in time, some other weird small cabinets were screwed into the walls to make them built in. But they clearly didn't come with the house in 1890.

It's been raining and warm (in the 40's) lately and the last traces of snow are having a hard time holding on. The road to Moscow is absolutely clear and the huge snow plow mound down the middle of Main street has disappeared. But the ridge of ice and snow under the eaves of my house is clinging on with all it's strength. I have not yet tripped on the pile and I can see it waiting...

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