Saturday, December 03, 2011

Moving again

Well, this has been a stressful. tumultuous couple of months.  We moved down to Emmett in May.  Didn't find work and Tom got accepted to grad school back in Moscow.  So, he moved back to live in student housing, which doesn't allow dogs.  Duffy and I moved in with my folks, who were kind enough to let us stay.

No luck finding work in Salem, nor back in Boise, so after 3 months of crashing at the folks' house, Tom and I rented an apartment in Moscow that allows pets.

Duffy getting ready to move

Moving truck - going from Emmett to Moscow

On Whitebird grade looking at the old Whitebird grade.

Our new apartment - looks like a house and we have our own planting bed out front.

Duffy's new potty area - not far from our apartment.
Duffy looking out the window at the cows and horse next door.

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