Thursday, September 12, 2013

Duffy's truck ride (or not!)

Duffy is waiting for Tom to come out of the grocery store in this photo.  Since we have moved to Texas, Duffy has done very little traveling and not even very many car rides.  He's been so disappointed!  I realized the other day that he was not looking forward to a drive like usual because he keeps going only to the vet's office.  Poor guy - of course he didn't really want to go get in the truck.  He does like riding in the full-size crew cab truck better than any car.  The backseat is deeper and flatter so he keeps his footing better and can stretch out more when he lays down.  And the armrests on the door are wider and at a good height for him.

Hopefully soon he and Rusty, the new 2 yr old chihuahua mix will be taking some trips.  Summer is almost over, right?  Should it not get below 95 degrees sometime soon?!?


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