Friday, January 22, 2016

Still missing Duffy

Duffy's remains and special things are centered in our bookcase set with his framed pictures above.

Duffy's paw print on the left, his ashes in the center, and the ball I crocheted with his leather collar on it & the sweater I knitted for him on the right.

Went to visit Mom & Dad's house again for the second time since moving back to Idaho. Missed Duffy on our car ride as he would have loved it and he always loved to visit "Grandma & Grandpa."

Joe (our five yr old Chi mix) enjoyed the driving anyway and marked plenty of trees and rocks on Duffy's behalf.

Joe and Lulu are a great pair and love to play on visits. It gets us laughing at their size difference.

Lulu is a great dane and boxer mix.

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